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Having been on the scene since their inception in 2018, Gecko Club’s unique sound has continued drawing attention from all areas of the UK, Europe, US and Australia. Their hybrid of indie, reggae and surf rock has cemented their place as one of England’s must-see bands, switching effortlessly between boisterous and laidback, in their acclaimed live performances. Their summer sounds combine perfectly with a party atmosphere, making it impossible not to tout the group as a certified festival band. Testimony to their continued upwards trajectory, they have developed a strong fan base throughout the nation which extends all around the globe. 

Numerous releases including debut single ‘High Flyer’ have amounted to well over 1,000,000 Spotify streams and represent the group’s genre-fluidity on top of a lack of interest for what is the norm in British Indie Music. During a recent interview, the band explained that they’re “not really fans of British indie as such” and take greater influence from the Australian scene. Drawing many comparisons in the press to the likes of big names Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley and Lime Cordiale. This influence is very apparent and one that Gecko Club are shaping the new British Indie scene with.

Latest EP release ‘That Club in Portugal’ stretches every part of the boys’ musical spectrum, focusing on their love of harmony, phat bass and foundation of Australian wave music with much more on the horizon. Having been warmly welcomed in every city on the debut 3 week UK release tour, they consequently embarked on a small tour of the Netherlands which introduced hundreds of new fans across the channel to the band’s unique sounding set. Rounding off their touring, Gecko Club opened the mainstage at El Dorado Festival in July, warming up for the mighty Earth Wind and Fire.

The quartet, consisting of James Neilson (Vocals), Jack Higgins (Bass), Jono Pamplin (Drums) and Joe Rolfe (Guitar) are now entering their 4th year of ‘Gecko Club’ and hold a unique history of how everything came to fruition. Singer James met Bassist Jack on a family holiday in Portugal when they were both only 11 years old. Meeting just once a year abroad until the age of 18, they bonded over music, and eventually formed ‘Gecko Club’, named after the Portuguese nightclub they would attend together whilst on holiday. After a year of playing as a duo, Jono was then introduced to the band via bassist Jack, who met the morning after a house party. Hungover and smoking a joint together over breakfast, the pair shared their love of music, showing each other their favorite tunes which ultimately lead to the 3rd addition of the band. Joe (Guitar) and Jono (Drums) met as kids, playing music in church in the naughties, sparking their musical interests and jamming together. Joe was originally working as the bands photographer whilst they performed with a previous guitarist but was later invited to join the band taking over lead guitar duties. 

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